Comparision of POP and Bubble Guard as a
Tile / Floor Protector
Description POP Bubble Guard
Cost Costly Economical
Structure Powder form Sheet form
Application time Lengthy Fast
Application method Wet and Dirty Dry and Clean
Readiness of surface after application Minimum 5 hours Immediate and Ready to use
Protection after application Limited floor protection Complete floor Protection
Durability Short, One time application Long
Extra protection Plastic / Newspaper required Nothing required
Skill Only POP worker can do application Do application yourself
Joints Required nothing Tape on joints is required
Maintenance Repeated application required for full coverage of floor One time application for floor protection
Atmosphere Give always dusty atmosphere Clean working atmosphere
Usages One time use Multiple time use
Removal Water & Labour required for removal Do it yourself
Salvage Value Nil, plus expense for removal Return value after multiple use
Debris Extra cost for removal of debris No debris
Water resistance No Water proof
Handling Labour required Easy to carry / remove
Identity Nil Printing of Logo Possible
In the underconstruction site, the floors tiles are laid prior to the finishing of the buildings.
All the electrical and other fittings are done after the flooring is done.
Portable scaffolds, tools and other equipments move on the floor, to complete the
  remaining work.
To avoid the damage of the tiles, plaster of Paris (POP) is laid on the flooring and
  removed after the completion of the job.
Applications :
Flooring tiles protection during construction. Ideal for...
Commercial building sites
Residential complex
School buildings
Hospitals etc.
Un-protected Tiles on the Sites Tile Protection by Bubble Guard Sheets
Limitations of POP :
Labour intensive.
Cumbersome to lay & remove.
Time consuming-laying & removing.
Disposable of debris.
Cannot be used again.
While removing/scrapping operation chances of getting scratches to the tiles.
Construction site becomes shabby, uncomfortable. Only available in white colour.
Dusty, unhygienic site.
Bubble Guard Sheet of Advantages:
Cost effective.
Light weight yet strong and durable.
Easy to lay & remove.
Long lasting.
Can be used multiple times.
Impact resistant.
Water resistant.
Choice of Colours.
Easy to store.
Transport friendly.
Low wastage.
Fire retardant (optional).
Resistant to abrasion.
High salvage value.
Eco Friendly.
Tile Protection by BG Sheets Tools and Scaffoldings on the BG tiles protection sheet
Installation methodology :
Order the sheet of the width of corridor.
Clean the tile floor of all dust, moisture and oily substances.
Place the double sided tapes at regular distance and unroll the sheet over it.
Seal the skirting with adhesive tapes.
Join two sheets with adhesive tapes.
Simple to “do it yourself.”
Sheet Sizes 2m x 30m, Can be transported in foldable condition.
Grammage 600,700 & 800 grams/ sq m.
Thickness 4 mm.
Colour White, Yellow, Ivory, Orange etc. Can be supplied as per customers choice of colour.
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